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We have always been a firm believer that successful people have a duty to help others in difficult circumstances.

That’s why ever since Applewood Independent Ltd’s inception back in 1998, we have always done whatever we can to support our local community in the town of Nantwich and the surrounding areas.

One issue we feel incredibly passionate about is investing in young people. We think our children’s education is vital to the future of the UK, and at Applewood Independent Ltd we have always made it our goal to help out wherever we can in this area.

Laptops for schools

One project we are very proud of at Applewood Independent Ltd is donating laptops to schools in our local area. We heard there was a shortage of devices for children in Nantwich and Crewe schools which, in my opinion, should never be allowed to happen.

So, we contacted our IT supplier, and worked with them to source twelve laptops that could be reconfigured before being delivered to the local primary school.

We think wherever you can, it’s vital to help in some small way, and we feel very grateful that we are in a position to support schools like this. 

At Applewood Independent Ltd, we are in a fortunate position where we haven’t got any government loans and we’ve been able to continue to pay our team through this pandemic, so we feel responsible for helping parts of our community that haven’t been so fortunate.

That is why we always put aside a decent percentage of our annual profit and budget for giving back to our local area. In fact, one of the biggest contributions in our budget is for supporting the local people. 

Supporting the people of Nantwich and Crewe

For example, the cost of running sports clubs in Nantwich is huge, but we know how important they are to the youth in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. So, we’ve invested heavily into the Crewe and Nantwich Rugby Club and the Nantwich Football Club. We have a major interest in their youth teams and fully encourage all youngsters of any standard to get involved with a sport. We think it’s a crucial factor in building morale, self-confidence and physical fitness, so we want to support that as much as possible.

We also like to get involved with local museums, food banks and some of the great events in Cheshire, such as the local food festival and the Battle of Nantwich reenactment! 

Additionally, to spread a little festive cheer, we have donated the town’s Christmas tree for several years now.

We know there hasn’t been a lot of money around for the last few years, so we think doing things like this is essential to keep everyone’s spirits up.

However, we aren’t talking about this to show off our generosity. We want to actively encourage more businesses and some of our clients to give back too! By spreading the word about these projects, we hope that more people start to get more involved in our local community and help each other out.

Regarding this, we’re pleased to say that the recent responses we’ve had from clients about our support has been outstanding! 

Obviously, money is very important to maintaining your lifestyle and allowing you to enjoy the life that you want to lead, but it’s also about using it for good. The more people who believe that, the merrier in our opinion!

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